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Arts & Science (Your First Year)

Both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan offer four-year programs, leading to either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. The University of Saskatchewan also offers three-year degrees, some of which can be completed in Yorkton, including English, Sociology, and Political Studies.

Applicants wishing to attend the University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan can take their first year of Arts & Science studies at Parkland College.

With over 60 options to choose from, the area of Arts & Science is sure to have something that piques your interest. You do not have to choose your major right now, but if there are subject or program areas you are interested in, it is important to take introductory courses in those areas in your first year. This way, you will have the required prerequisites to take senior-level courses in these areas in your later years of study.

Why Parkland College?

“I chose Parkland College because it is a good middle-ground between high school and university for transition. The best thing about Parkland College is the personal relationships between students and staff – they know you by name!”

- Larissa Perepeluk

“I chose Parkland College because it was close to home. I would recommend the College because of the small class sizes, engaging instructors and helpful/friendly atmosphere.”

- Brady Lang

Course Calendar

University of Regina

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN  Course Name
CHEM 104 303 Wednesday 9:00-11:50 AM General Chemistry I
CHEM 104 Lab 303 Thursday 9:00-11:50 AM
CHEM 104 Lab 303 Thursday 1:00-3:50 PM
INDG 100 SYK Monday 7:00-9:45 PM Introduction to Indigenous Studies
MATH 103 303 Tue/Thurs 5:00-6:25 PM Applied Calculus I
SW 451 303 Wednesday 4:00-6:45 PM Social Work Research
**alternating Saturdays
The above classes are subject to change without notice

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Online

Class No. Section CRN
WGST 100

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Online (First Nations University of Canada)

Class No. Section CRN 

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN  Course Name
AG 111 C60
FILM 100 303 The Art of Motion Pictures
INDG 201 303 Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Issues
SOC 222 303 Wednesday 4:00-5:45 PM The Sociology of Health
STAT 100 303 Tuesday 9:00-11:50 AM Elementary Statistics for Applications
**alternating Saturdays

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Online

Class No. Section CRN
SOC 222 303

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Online (First Nations University of Canada)

Class No. Section CRN

Term 3 (Summer 2015) - Online

Class No. Section CRN
ANTH 100 20684
ANTH 242 21215
ART 100 20685
BIOC 200 20691
CREE 100 20733
CREE 101 20905
ECCU 400 20748
ECMP 355 20749
ECON 202 21188
ECS 110 20757
ENG 100 396 20769
ENG 100 367 20770
ENG 100 398 20771
ENG 110 397 20940
ENG 252 397 20776
ENG 302 397 20942
FILM 100 397 20790
HIST 201 397 20399
HIST 277 397 20400
HIST 278 397 20401
INDG 100 S90 20798
INDG 101 S90 20748
INDG 260 S90 21235
INDG 262 S90 21236
INHS 100 S90 20669
INHS 101 S90 21294
INHS 360 S90 21295
IS 100 397 20801
JS 240 397 20952
JS 280 397 20805
JS 350 397 20892
JS 381 397 20954
JS 415 397 20807
KIN 110 397 20957
KIN 115 397 20813
KIN 120 397 20814
KIN 170 397 20815
KIN 180 397 20816
KIN 260 397 20820
KIN 262 397 20821
KIN 267 397 20822
KIN 269 397 20959
KIN 275 397 20823
KIN 278 397 20960
KIN 280 397 20824
KIN 285 397 20825
KIN 370 397 20826
LG 200 397 20827
MU 100 397 20835
MU 204 397 20836
PR 100 397 20846
PR 101 397 20971
PR 202 397 20972
PSCI 100 397 20973
SOC 201 397 20978
SOC 207 397 21191
SOC 208 397 20848
SOC 210 397 20849
SOC 214 397 20851
SOC 215 397 20852
SOC 218 397 20981
SOC 308 397 21193
SOC 312 397 21192
SOC 315 397 20984
SOST 110 397 20855
SRS 105 397 20859
SRS 110 397 20860
SRS 115 397 20987
SRS 120 397 20861
SRS 215 397 20862
SRS 220 397 20988
SRS 320 397 21198
STAT 100 397 20989
SW 100 397 20865
SW 202 397 20866
SW 419 397 20867
SW 421 397 20868
SW 480AI 397 21217
SW 480AP 397 21218
THRC 200 397 20992
WGST 203 397 20873

University of Saskatchewan

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN Course Name
AG 112 C61 Thursday 1:00-3:50 PM Animal Agriculture and Food Science
BIOL 120 C61 Mon/Fri 9:00-10:20 AM The Nature of Life
BIOL 120 Lab Tuesday 1:00-4:00 PM
BIOL 120 Lab Tuesday 4:00-7:00 PM
ENG 230 C61 Tues/Thurs 4:30-5:50 PM Literature for Children
ENGL 114 C61 Tuesday 7:00-9:50 PM Literature & Composition: Reading Culture
INTS 100 C61 Tuesday 9:00-11:50 AM Strategies for Academic Success
PSYC 122 C61 Thursday 7:00-9:50 PM
SOC 111 C61 Monday 3:00-5:50 PM Foundations in Sociology: Society, Structure, Process

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Online

Class No. Section CRN

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN  Course Name
BIOL 121 C60 Wednesday 9:00-11:50 AM
BIOL 121 Lab C60 Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:20 PM
ENG 113 C60 Wednesday 1:00-4:00 PM
EPS 100 S23 Tuesday 7:00-9:50 PM
NUTR 120 C60 Wednesday 4:00-5:50 PM Basic Nutrition
POLST 112 V60 Monday 7:00-9:50 PM
PSYC 122 C60
SOC 112 C60 Thursday 6:00-8:50 PM
SOC 112 C60 Monday 3:00-6:00 PM

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Online

Class No. Section CRN

Term 3 (Summer 2016) - Online

Class No. Section CRN
AGRC 111 W01 40507
AGRC 112 W01 40508
AGRC 112 W02 60846
ANTH 111 X01 40108
ARCH 112 X01 40112
ASTR 104 W01 41236
bmsc 200 W01 40896
BMSC 230 W01 41274
CMPT 100 W02 60397
CTST 200 W62 60877
ECON 111 X01 40113
ECON 114 X01 40115
ENG 110 W01 40911
ENG 113 W01 41196
ENG 114 W02 60727
ENG 226 W02 60728
ENG 358 W01 41272
GEOG 120 W01 40443
GEOG 202 40741
GEOG 204 W01 40637
GEOG 208 W01 40510
GEOG 280 W02 60646
GEOG 351 W01 40742
GEOG 386 W01 41060
GEOL 108 x01 40118
GEOL 109 X01 40119
INDG 107 W01 41067
INDG 107 W02 60738
INTS 100 W02 60745
INTS 103 W01 41301
LING 111 W0! 60668
math 102 W01 41212
MUS 101 W02 60549
MUS 111 W02 60552
NRTH 101 W01 40512
PLSC 214 W01 41283
PLSC 214 L01 41283
PLSC 214 Lab L02 41285
PLSC 234 W01 40509
POLS 204 W01 40832
POLS 205 W02 607939
POLS 222 W01 40625
POLS 322 W01 40626
POLS 323 W02 60740
POLS 422 W02 60794
PSY 120 W02 60650
PSY 121 W02 60597
PSY 223 W02 6096000
SOC 225 W01 41061
SOC 227 W01 40641
SOC 232 W01 40909
SOC 233 W02 60651
SOC 309 W02 60737
SOC 111 X01 40664
SOC 112 X01 40665
SOC 212 X01 40116
SOC 214 X01 40114
WGST 112 W02 60732
WGST 201 W01 40639
WGST 210 W02 60652
WGST 112 X01 40700

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Term 1 (Fall 2015) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN Course Name

Term 2 (Winter 2016) - Face-to-Face

Class No. Section Class Day Class Time CRN Course Name



How do I take classes from the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina at Parkland College?

You can take university classes at Parkland College if you have been accepted for admission to either the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan. Go to the Admissions Page more for detailed information on how to apply.

Is there an application to take classes at Parkland College?

You don’t have to fill in a separate application to take classes at Parkland College, you just have to be accepted to either University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina. When you register for classes you register in the sections of the class being held in Yorkton (or your community of choice for televised classes).

I am a University of Regina student but I want to take Psychology which is a University of Saskatchewan class?

It is easy to take a class from the “other university” talk to our academic advisor and she will help you fill in a Common Visiting Student Form. This form lets you take classes from the “other university” without having to apply for admission; the form is also a way to have the transfer credit approved at you home university before you take the class.  If you are a University of Saskatchewan student you just have to fill in the form, after we send it away you don’t have to do anything else. If you are a University of Regina student you have to wait until you get a letter from the University of Saskatchewan giving you permission to go online to the University of Saskatchewan website PAWS to register in the class yourself. It is an easy process, almost every student at Parkland College takes a class from the other university.

How do I pay my fees?

You can pay your fees in many different ways; the important thing to note is that you have to pay your fees to the University that offers the class, so you pay the University of Saskatchewan for their classes and the University of Regina for their classes. To find out how much you owe go to either PAWS for University of Saskatchewan or URSelfService for University of Regina and look for the Account Summary by term. On these sites there is also information about how you can pay. You can pay in a number of different ways, online, at an ABM, at certain bank branches, by cheque or even in cash. Failure to pay in a timely manner may incur late fees and will prevent you from registering in next terms classes and stop you from seeing you final mark for your classes.

Where do I get my textbooks?

You can buy textbooks from the bookstore of the university from which the class originates. Both have online shopping for textbooks. The University of Regina bookstore is here and the University of Saskatchewan bookstore is here. Both university bookstores charge for shipping. You do not have to buy new textbooks, the university bookstores also sell used textbooks. You can also buy textbooks from Amazon and Chapters online or Coles in Parkland Mall, both of the online booksellers sell used textbooks too. In some cases shipping may be free.

Sometimes students will post notices in the student coffee room with textbooks for sale, these can be the best deal but check with the official list at the university bookstore to make sure that the prof hasn’t chosen a newer edition or changed the required texts for the course.

How do I know that I am registered in the right class?

You can check online at URSelfService or PAWS to see which classes you are registered in, then check the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) in the University bulletin, these are the sections being offered at Parkland College.

I want to change my major, what do I do now?

Lots of people change their mind about what they want to major in at university, just make an appointment to see the academic advisor and she will help you find the right direction to match your career goals.

How do I transfer to Saskatoon or Regina?

You don’t have to do anything when you decide to go to the main campus to take classes. When you register for classes for the next term you just register for the classes located in Saskatoon or Regina. When you take classes at Parkland College you are a University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan student, there is no transfer process between here and the main campus.

Are there real instructors at Parkland College?

Parkland College has four types of classes, face to face, multi-mode, televised and online.

Most of the first year classes and social work classes are face to face with a live instructor in the room teaching you. The instructor is selected and hired by the university and is paid by the university. They have to meet the same standard the instructors on campus would have to meet. In almost every case the instructor has a minimum of a master’s degree in the subject that they are teaching, many have doctoral degrees. Some of our instructors live locally, others drive from considerable distances to teach at Parkland College. Face to face classes are currently only available in Yorkton.

Multi-mode classes are increasing in number, here the instructor is live in Saskatoon or Regina and video conferencing equipment enables you to see the instructor and the other students taking the class in up to four other locations in the province projected onto a big screen. The instructor can see you too, and all of the other students around the province. Multi-mode classes are only available in Yorkton right now.

Televised classes are taught by instructors located in Regina or Saskatoon, they usually have a class in the room with them, the class is broadcast via the cast.scn  satellite network to many locations in Saskatchewan. You watch the class on either projected onto a big screen or on a television screen, you can call into the studio with questions and to participate in class discussions. Televised classes are available at all Parkland College locations you must be at a college location to view these classes.

Online classes are classes that are available on any computer with an internet connection. Most online classes have a start and end date that is the same as the other classes but do not have regular meeting times. The classes are usually set up as a series of modules with a different module to be completed each week. You can complete the work for each class at any time during the week. Final exams may be online or you may have to come to a college location to write the exam.

Are the classes easier at Parkland College?

Classes at Parkland College are no easier or harder than they are on the main campus. Instructors are approved by the department and they must meet the same requirements as on campus instructors. In some cases students write the same exams as on campus students. However, because of the smaller class sizes and more personalized service at Parkland we have found that students tend to get better marks than their peers who went straight to the main campus.

Can I still apply to Nursing/Pharmacy/Nutrition/Social Work if I do my first year at Parkland College?

Yes, you can apply for professional programs while you are taking classes at Parkland College. If you need help contact our academic advisor, she will be able to help you with your application by making sure you have all of the prerequisites and that you meet the deadlines.

Are the fees lower at Parkland College?

Tuition fees for university classes at Parkland College are the same as the fees on campus. You will pay a lower rate for student fees and you won’t have to pay the athletic fee or the bus pass (U of S).  You will not be charged the medical and dental insurance fee either, however, if you would like, you can opt in to the medical and dental plan for students, this is a great deal if you don’t have coverage elsewhere. Check with the academic advisor for more information.

Can I apply for Parkland College scholarships and my university scholarships?

Yes you can apply for entrance scholarships from Parkland College and add them to any other scholarships you may receive from any source. The deadline for entrance scholarships is usually in May before the new academic year, awards are made at the end of September. In addition, students who are taking classes from Parkland College can also apply for the internal scholarships that are awarded in February/March. Some students receive up to $3000 from Parkland College in scholarships alone.

Can I start at Parkland College and move to university in another province?

If you are planning to take your first year at Parkland College and then move out of province you still need to be accepted by either the university of Saskatchewan or University of Regina. You will need to work closely with our academic advisor to make sure that all of your classes from your time at Parkland will transfer to your new university and that you take the classes that the out of province university requires so that you are not delayed by missed classes. We have had many students transfer to U of A, U of C, UBC and Brandon University. Our advisor will work with you and the university you would like to go to so that you only take what you need and what will transfer.

Can I start classes at Parkland College in January?

Yes, you can start classes at several different times each year, in September, January, May and sometimes June, July and August. You will need to make sure that you apply in plenty of time and that you select your classes with our academic advisor at least a few weeks before classes start. Please don’t leave it to the last minute.

The following is a list of some of the course areas that you can take your first year at Parkland College:

Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
  • English
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Police Studies
  • Justice Studies
  • Geography
  • Archeology
  • Anthropology
  • Economics and more…
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Science
  • Crop Science
  • Agribusiness
  • Toxicology
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Physiology
  • Environmental Science
  • Land Use and Urban Development

Sample First Year Schedule:

During your first year of Arts & Science studies at Parkland College you will take a wide range of classes in a number of different subject areas called the core requirements or distribution requirements. They allow you to try out different types of classes and help you to get a broader understanding of learning at the university level.

Here is what a typical first-year schedule might look like for a University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan Arts degree (i.e. History, Sociology, English, Police Studies):

Term 1 Term 2
  • ENG 100.3
  • INDG 100.3
  • BIOL 140.3
  • PSYCH 120.3 (or major)
  • SOC 111.3 (or elective)
  • ENG 113.3
  • WGST 112.3 (or elective)
  • FILM 100.3
  • PSYCH 121.3 (or major)
  • 3 credit-unit elective

Here is what a typical first-year schedule might look like for a University of Saskatchewan Science degree:

Term 1 Term 2
  • ENG 100.3
  • BIO 120.3
  • CHEM 104.3
  • PSYCH 120.3 (Or other Social Science elective)
  • MATH 103.3
  • ENG 1XX.3
  • BIO 121.3
  • STATS 100.3
  • PSYCH 121.3 (Or other Social Science elective)
  • NUTR 120.3

Important Notes:

  • Math 103 is for those who have not taken Calculus 30.

It is essential that all students consult a counsellor once you have your acceptance letter from the U of R or U of S to develop a schedule of classes.

Michelle Eckhart

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Toll free: 1.866.783.6766

Last Updated: March 14, 2017