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Telemiracle reminds us to empathize

March 6th, 2017

The conclusion of Telemiracle weekend in Saskatchewan has always left me with a sense of pride about our province. We are known to be generous people who seek opportunities to help others. Volunteering is a way of life for many who call Saskatchewan home. The collection of volunteers and those who donate their financial resources to make the lives of others better are to be applauded for their efforts.

Each year, I am amazed at the stories that emerge from the donors and recipients. Through the generosity of the donors, Telemiracle provides life-changing funds to individuals and families in need. While it is difficult to explain the success of Telemiracle and the generosity of our province, I believe it is rooted in a personal quality that I have always admired – empathy.

In the education and business worlds, we often hear talk of the “technical skills” and the “soft skills” required for a person to be successful in their chosen field. A balance of the two is usually required. In my experience, those who are successful have “empathy” at the top of the list of skills. The ability to understand and appreciate the circumstances and experiences of others allows us to develop genuine relationships deeply rooted in respect. Empathetic individuals will always consider others when making decisions.

The ability to empathize with others is central to individual and organizational success. Empathy is required to work successfully with supervisors, co-workers, and those who access our services. When empathy is present, a caring and compassionate environment emerges.

Thank you, Telemiracle, for reinforcing the importance of empathy and the many positive results that occur when we take time to think of others.

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