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A thank you to our elected representatives

November 1st, 2016

On the evening of Halloween, I had the pleasure of taking part in an annual advocacy event put on by the province’s regional colleges.  During the supper break of the legislative session, MLAs from the government and opposition sides joined board members and presidents from the colleges to discuss matters of importance to the college system.

At the outset of the event, Ministers Bronwyn Eyre (Advanced Education) and Jeremy Harrison (Economy) provided some brief comments and as always passed on their thanks and gratitude to those in attendance and to the College system as a whole. During the event, I had the opportunity to speak with local MLAs, cabinet ministers, and members of the opposition.  They graciously gave their time over their supper break to stay connected with the issues colleges are encountering. I left the event with a very good feeling knowing our elected representatives are serving us well.

I was joined at the event by board members Brian Hicke, David Cisyk, Sally Bishop, and Ray Sass. Yorkton MLA and Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health, Greg Ottenbreit, stopped by for a photo. (courtesy @GregOttenbreit on Twitter)

It is not uncommon for citizens to express their disenchantment with the political process and politicians. The cynicism surrounding politics seems to be growing and is perhaps at a peak given the political train wreck we have witnessed during the American Presidential campaign. Certainly, our system is not immune to some of the ills that befall politics. We have our own controversies and issues in federal, provincial, and even local politics. However, the opportunity to meet with MLAs across the province left me reassured.

Our MLAs are well-intentioned, community-minded individuals who have taken the step into provincial politics as a means of serving our province in much the same manner they have served their communities prior to entering the provincial political arena. They are volunteers and community leaders who have taken on the very daunting task of governing our province. Many of us would be surprised at the hours put in by our MLAs in meetings, travelling across the province, attending advocacy sessions, and dealing with the issues of their constituents. Their commitment is commendable and is often overlooked. While we may not always agree with the decisions made, it would be remiss of us if we did not extend a return “thank you” to our MLAs.

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