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When business succeeds, so do we

April 25th, 2016

Parkland College’s success has always gone hand in hand with the fortunes of business and industry within the Parkland region. After attending the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Celebrate Success Business Awards last week, I realize how fortunate the College is to be supported by such a strong business community.

The variety and depth of the business enterprises represented was marvellous. Both large and small business were well represented in the nominees and eventual winners.

Two key attributes of our businesses really struck me as I watched the evening unfold.

I was pleased to see the number of young entrepreneurs who have begun their business lives with success. Our region and our province have presented those with an entrepreneurial appetite a wonderful environment to not only start their business but also to grow and flourish. Young entrepreneurs are at the helm of all types of businesses which bodes well for the region.

The other attribute of business that caught my attention was the number of family-operated businesses that have dedicated generations of their business and personal lives to serving the needs of the community. Many of the companies featured were being operated by second- or third-generation descendants of the original founders. There was a real sense of accomplishment coupled with strong family pride on display throughout the evening.

Parkland College is a beneficiary of the strength evident in our business community. We have received significant monetary support from the business community through our recent capital campaign, the ongoing work to support our scholarship initiatives, and as customers of a variety of our training and educational programs.

We were pleased to be a part of the Celebrate Success Business Awards through our sponsorship of the Education and Training Award. It was just one small way we can say “Thank You” to our local businesses for all that they do to ensure the success of Parkland College.

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